UX/UI, Brand Dev • 7 mo. of 2016

Management System for Food and Beverage Businesses

There is a still room to make life easier, for sure on the local market of food & beverage business management. For the stuff is bringing the best user experience to their guests their daily challenge. To offer such service and pleasure also to them it became our task.

A report of results from the first interviews

Research at the first place

We started with interviewing staff of restaurants, bars, venues, etc. with a goal to specify the main pain points in their current workflow. From our research, we were able to distill insights which enabled us to kick off an ideating process to create features and designs for their new UX of management.

One of the defined personas – owner of a modern restaurant

The real challenge here was to keep user flows for functionalities as simple and smart as possible – however meeting also requirements of advanced users.

*The project is in alpha version for feedback gathering from real environments.

Draft of element structure – meals of Daily menu

Card sorting team solving information architecture for navbar


Samples of design layouts

Design for Business detail (example here – a restaurant)

Pricing page with testimonial (left)

Screens of Purchasing system

Designs for most wanted module – Aggregator - simple but smart

A website template selection – every food & beverage business needs
a website

A filled dashboard and also an empty one

Types of email notifications

Elements of gamification in a user profile

Designs for Performance statistics module

*Some visual content has been tweaked due to NDA.