UX/UI Consulting • 1 week of 2017

Consulting for Škoda CZ websites

On websites www.skoda-auto.cz we ran couple of user tests based on specified use case scenarios  By collecting data we focused on user experience from the usability, accessibility and credibility perspective. As a result, we have prepared a heuristic evaluation to get a holistic view where it is worth focusing resources to achieve a boost in the overall UX.

From left → Contrast Check using WCAG 2.0 and Heuristic Evaluation of findings

A list of user scenarios

A focus of analysis: 1. Usability, 2. Accessibility, 3. Credibility

A result considering all three fields of focus

Usability – results of task completion

Accessibility – responsiveness and performance of website on mobile

Accessibility – readability check in terms of contrast

Credibility – findings of some errors